Where the wind takes me . . . .

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An epiphyte is a plant that draws sustenance from the rain and air, rather than the ground; while it's often seen growing on another plant, it's only for structural support. Some orchids are epiphytes! So is Spanish moss. :-D

As someone who's moved more than 20 times, and whose place of birth has been rendered unrecognizable -- and on some plots, unlivable -- due to resource extraction, Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan's statement that "my home is not a place; it is people" resonates with me. I have the third-culture adult issues with restlessness and disinterest in conflict: "Why should I argue with you? One of us is moving in 10 minutes". There are people I count as dear friends of many decades with whom I've spent only months in the same post code. My last move of more than 800 miles was organized and executed in a week.

Personally passed the half-century mark not long ago; currently reside on a little island on the Salish Sea with my partner and an ever-growing collection of herb containers, yoga props and boxes of tea.

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